about us

CEO and Founder

Morissa Glasgow-Oliver

My journey as a care provider began when I was a young girl aged 16 and I lost my grandmother suddenly. At the time she did not have enough support in her home and was alone during her passing. Not being able to be there or knowing she had the support she needed during her passing has led to me dedicating my life’s work to ensure that this does not happen to anyone else.

I have been working in the healthcare industry as a certified Continuing Care Assistant for over 11 years. During this time, I have had the privilege to work in many healthcare environments such as Nursing Homes, Home Care, Acute Care facilities, and Hospitals (ER, Children, and Neuro). I have become passionate about the service I provide. I love my job and the joy it brings when my clients are happy and smiling.

Nexgen Care

Here at Nexgen Care, we believe health care should be affordable and the quality of care provided should be exceptional. We wanted to ensure the quality of care that our clients receive is the most important part of the services we provide. We will always aim to ensure that our client’s comfortability and safety are a priority.

Nexgen Care’s goal is to be the best care company Ottawa and surrounding areas have to offer. We are building a service that will be extraordinary for seniors and persons of disability and all at an AFFORDABLE cost.

A big part of the services we offer at Nexgen Care includes Awareness of how to safely take care of a loved one in the home. We aim to do this by helping primary caregivers find the necessary resources in the community as well as government-funded services. This can include government programs, government assistance, or organized community programs. Nexgen Care will also offer educational training from a care worker’s perspective for primary caregivers on proper techniques and alternative ways of aiding of a loved one at home.

Nexgen Care Mission Statement and Vision

Vision statement

Our vision at Nexgen Care is to offer an environment full of participation, inclusion, safety, and meaningful activities in all care settings all at an affordable cost. Our staff, clients, and family members will always feel valued and appreciated as we work together as a collective team to ensure the best care possible. Our vision will ensure our clients THRIVE while under the care of Nexgen Care.

Mission Statement 

At Nexgen Care, our mission is to deliver an Innovative approach towards affordable exceptional quality care.  We do this by promoting Independence in all our client’s activities of daily living through increased safe Interactions between clients and their caregivers.

Nexgen Cares offers a unique and Innovative approach toward our client’s well-being and that of their primary caregiver. We recognize the stresses of taking on full-time care of a loved one, so we are flexible in our hours of service and will ensure we are available whenever you may need us. We will also build a unique care plan with information we gather from the client and primary caregiver rather than building a standard universal care plan.

Nexgen Caregivers are well-trained and experienced in maintaining and promoting the Independence and safety of our clients. Our staff has extensive knowledge on how to safely transfer and position clients as well as knowledge of using assistive transferring devices such as lifts, transfer belts, or special bathroom devices/equipment.

Nexgen Care’s focus is trying to shift the perspective of how personal care should be delivered vs on how to provide excellent service built on the real needs of the client. We do this by offering a more Interactive care environment between client and caregiver. We will encompass our client’s regular daily activities such as games, trivia, morning walks, any regular routines, etc., into the care plan at no extra cost to our services.