Family Care

Caring for a loved One in the Home

Nexgen Care is a company that will challenge the status quo of how home care will be provided while bringing more awareness to those individuals who care for a loved one full time. Nobody understands the dedication and commitment it takes to rearrange your home and work life to care for a loved one in need as much as we do. Here at Nexgen Care we recognize and commend your perseverance in accepting the challenges and hardships that come with taking on the caregiver role. We will not only care for your loved one with all our capability, but we will also acknowledge your stresses and concerns as the primary caregiver.

We will accomplish this by being consistent with minimum care providers coming in and out of the home. This way there is no new person every day to have to explain the care required for a loved one. If we are doing meal prep for your loved one, we will also prepare a meal for you as well. We can attend family functions, shopping excursions, doctor appointments etc. We will even go shopping with you for any health care equipment that may be needed for the home.

We work as a team with you to enhance your loved one’s quality of living while providing relief for you from burnout, stress, or worries. We want you to have assurance from us on how to safely take care of your needs as well as your loved ones. Nexgen Care providers and staff will encourage you to share your ideas with us. We will use what knowledge we have to guide you on proper and safe techniques while providing care “such as lifts or transfers”.

Your devotion and time giving freely to the care of your loved one do not go unrecognized by us at any time. If ever you feel you have any questions or are looking for general information on caring for a loved one at home, please feel free to email us with your questions free of charge. We will respond within a 24-48/hr time period.

Let Nexgen Care be your chosen care provider” We care that You care”, we will assure you professional and quality service always. For more information on how to attain services please see our services offered page and inquire today!