Palliative care

Palliative care is a service that provides individuals with end-of-life care. The professionals who provide this type of care are focused on making clients and families feel comfortable during exceedingly difficult times. Palliative care is about more than just the physical aspect of care it also focuses on the overall comfort of our clients through either medical, emotional, or spiritual support. Our goal is to reduce the burden our patients and families feel when experiencing end-of-life conditions.

We know making decisions when a loved one is facing the end of their life can be exceedingly difficult, but we want to be there to make your experience a little easier. Our Palliative care is designed with the dignity and comfort of your family in mind. We provide 24-hour shift care to you or your loved one. 

Our palliative care services include are but not limited to:

Personalized Care 

Your family’s needs are unique and so is their care. At Nexgen Care we recognize this and personalize all our care plans to meet your needs.

  • Our caregivers seek to provide the most comfort possible to your loved one while respecting their dignity, social and cultural needs
  • Our caregivers help with activities of daily living, perform housekeeping tasks, and prepare meals
  • Our caregivers monitor physical symptoms such as pain levels, nausea, or even change in appetite